Year 9 Industrial Technology Automotive

    Class Details

    9ITA Mr Christian Nexo
    9ITB Mr Tim Scott


    Our objective is for students to develop knowledge understanding and skills in relation to Automotives. Students learn to trouble shoot small 2 and 4 stroke engines and demonstrate competent repair and maintenance. This will include the ability to identify and describe cooling, fuel, electrical and lubrication systems.

    Course Plan

    Tools and how to use them - students receive a 170 piece Crescent Toolkit - tools are introduced and engraved.

    Dismantle 2 Stroke Engine - we investigate the pros and cons of 2 and 4 stroke engines and then dismantle a whipper snipper.

    We then dismantle and assemble a 4 stroke engine creating an on-line workshop manual targeted at an audience like ourselves.


    There will be two theory workbooks that will provide a basis for the theoretical aspects of the course and revision for end of semester exams.The balance of assessment will be through two project reports throughout the year.

    How can I get feedback?

    Please email me at tscott@as.edu.au or cnexo@as.edu.au