Year 8 Maths

    The Year 8 Extension course follows the same program as the other two Year 8 classes but to a greater depth. The students also participate in the Quicksmart program.

    This is a well researched and successful program developed by UNE for use with basic maths facts. It deals with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts from 0 to 12. TAS has purchased the kit and modified it for general classroom use. This year, the Quicksmart program will be implemented in all Year 8 classes. It is hoped that regular sessions will dramatically improve the speed and recall of basic facts by all students.

    The students will have regular notes and exercises to complete, as well as homework and assignments. There is usually a pretest at the start of each topic and a post test or assignment at its conclusion. Students have the option of one retest or resubmission of their assignment to improve their grade.

    What resources does my child need?

    • Workbook (A4 96 page at least)

    • Scientific Calculator

    • Ruler, Pens, Pencils, Eraser

    • Geometry Set

    • Year 8 Maths Textbook to be distributed in the first week.

    • Laptop, Internet access. (Excel and Geometer’s Sketchpad will be used throughout the course, as will various Mathematics websites.)

    Where does homework fit in here?

    Students will be required to complete homework on a consistent basis and it will be recorded in investigations or in their workbook. The purpose of homework is to assist concept development, practice skill and process so as to develop fluency, accuracy and speed in problem solving. Repeated practice to develop automaticity should be encouraged. Some homework will also involve research and investigation into how mathematics is used in practical situations.

    How can you assist your son?

    Provide a space for him to work in without distractions. Quiz him on mental arithmetic problems to improve speed and accuracy. Allow him to talk through his reasoning in his work. Check that he is keeping his notebook up to date (by making sure he catches up on work missed when absent), that he completes all his homework (and marks it) and that he develops and follows a study plan for topic tests. Contact the classroom teacher if he is struggling with a particular concept.

    Please note that his books will be collected and checked after each unit of work, to see that everything is up to date and marked. This will allow the classroom teacher to monitor his work as well.

    How can you give the school feedback?

    Please feel free to contact Ms Katrina Bock (kbock@as.edu.au) to discuss your son’s progress or more details about the program.

    Unit Outlines

    Term 1

    Term 2

    Term 3

    Term 4

    Disclaimer - this isn't the entire program