Year 8 English (Hunt)

    What is the Unit called?

    Unit 1: Through My Eyes - Shifting Perspectives

    How long is the Unit taught?

    This unit will be taught for the majority of Term 1.

    What are we looking in this Unit?

    Through poetry and short stories that investigate various experiences of adolescence and the novel After, the theme of shifting perspectives is developed, culminating in a task that requires the students to re-write a scene from the text from the perspective of a different character. After is written in both first and third person and supports studies of first, second and third-person narratives

    What are we trying to achieve?

    This unit will assist students in adapting to the new academic year and present opportunity for close study of texts in relation to the major theme.

    How will we measure success in the Unit?

    There is a formal creative writing assessment task, as well as ongoing in class tasks and bookwork/computer work.

    Where does prep ‘fit in’?

    Students will receive prep most nights. Often, this will require students to follow on with written work from the day's lesson. Occasionally it will be reading tasks or preparation for a formal assessment task.

    How can I assist my son?

    Most of all, by taking an interest in his work and asking him how he is progressing. You might want to have a look at his own portfolio of material on the web which is will be available soon. Have a look through his exercise book, ask him to email you a draft of an assignment he is working on or just have a chat about what he thinks of the text(s) we are studying. It all contributes to creating an environment of expectation and success in English.

    How can you give us feedback?

    You are welcome to contact me at times when you need to give me information relevant to your son’s performance and wellbeing in the Year 8 English course: rhunt@as.edu.au

    Term 1: Shifting Perspectives

    Term 2: Poetry

    Term 3: The Hero's Journey