Year 7 Technology

    The year is divided into three major projects:

    • Making a balsa Glider and designing a retail sales container to suit
    • Making a custom-designed wooden Trophy
    • Using Scratch software to program computer games

    Balsa Glider and Box

    In this unit, students build a Baby Jazz glider, then design and produce a box that the glider might be sold in kit form in a hobby shop. Constraints in the design process include a single A3 sheet of card, that the box be designed and printed from a computer and that images and text be included on the outside of the box to make it as attractive as possible to the potential audience (12yrs+)

    How will success in this unit be measured?

    The Glider is assessed on its build and its ability to stay in the air, the box as assessed on its function, its aesthetics and its ability to comply with the listed constraints.


    In this unit, students learn to use hand tools to mark-up and cut timber, they learn about joints and practice a butt and mitre joint, they learn about glues and gluing timber and they learn about finishes and finishing timber.

    How will success in this unit be measured?

    Students are assessed on their butt and mitre joints, on their research (including researching the various cabinet timbers they are able to choice from, on their cutting list and sketchup drawings and on their product.


    In this unit of work, students are introduced to the scratch computer language. They are required to 'remix' one of the example games supplied with the software. Constraints in design process include a graded list of suggested functionality that can be included in the game.

    How will success in this unit be measured?

    Students must submit some research and also their completed game.

    How can I help my child?

    By taking an active interest in what they are achieving. We go to great lengths to ensure that every student designs and creates something that they are proud of and I am sure that they will readily chat about what they are currently working on.

    How can I give you feedback?

    Please feel free to contact me at