Year 7 Homeroom (Barnsley)

    The TAS Middle School curriculum offers a rich, challenging and stimulating programme designed to generate an enthusiasm for learning as a lifelong learning. We believe that we will achieve this goal by providing a demanding, adventurous and well-balanced curriculum.

    Students are encouraged to develop the following attributes of effective lifelong learners:

    • Thinking and communication skills

    • Working with others

    • Taking risks

    • Inquisitive

    • Open-minded

    • Caring and considerate

    Academic Programme

    The academic programme of Year 7 is based on NSW Board of Studies Stage 4 (years 7-8) curriculum. You can access the curriculum at the NSW Board of Studies website. In all classes, there is a strong emphasis on the development of written and oral communication, nurturing in each student confidence, independence, critical-thinking and inquiry skills.


    Art, Caroline Nivison

    Christian Development, Jo Benham

    English Extension, Cindy Barnsley

    French, Kathryn Tamminga

    HSIE, Cindy Barnsley

    Japanese, Allan Moore

    Maths Extension, Katrina Bock

    Music, Al Finco

    PDHPE Jamie Moore

    Science Extension, Trevor Thatcher

    Technology Tim Scott


    In years 7, 8 and 9, students are placed into Extension classes for Mathematics, English, HSIE and Science. These classes will have a faster pace of instruction and also a different style of instruction. The aim is to offer ALL students an appropriately paced curriculum while allowing for greater depth in the exploration of issues, concepts and ideas across the curriculum.
    Extension classes are challenging and require maximum effort and engagement.


    By Year 7, most children are starting to become a little more independent. While encouraging this independence is important, it is equally important to recognise that young people of this age still require plenty of help to organise themselves. This is why the homeroom structure of TAS Middle School is so important as is the partnership between students, parents and teachers.


    We encourage parents to contact us to find our more about your son’s progress.
    You can contact me by calling the school on (02) 6776-5800 or by email: cbarnsle@as.edu.au

    You can also find out more by:

    • reading the class wiki which has a detailed overview of each unit of work for every subject (links above)
    • regularly checking your son’s diary where prep is recorded along with messages for parents and guardians
    • reading the school newsletter, TAS Talks, which is published every Wednesday. It is available by email, on the school website or in hard-copy format
    • encourage your child to discuss their work posted on their online portfolio with you


    We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

    Winston Churchill

    Students in Middle School are encouraged to perform 20 hours of Community Service a year. Students’ commitment to Community Service is an important aspect of their learning and helps them develop a greater sense of self-worth and confidence by helping others and developing links with the wider community.

    There are a range of programmes that are organised by the school including:

    • Red Cross Calling
    • Clean Up Australia
    • Relay for Life
    • Round Square service projects or
    • internal projects such as table waiting at formal dinners and fundraisers, junior school functions, car parking.

    Students are also strongly encouraged to devise their own community service projects and participation is recorded each term by the homeroom teachers. Students must have their service approved and recorded in their diary. This is then transferred to the school database.

    Some requirements include that:

    • The student must volunteer
    • The student must NOT receive money to complete the task
    • The Community must benefit NOT an individual or business
    • Community service may be assistance given to those who are unable to complete a task due to illness, age or disability

    Round Square...the oxymoron that unites 60 international schools. It is an association of schools that share a commitment, beyond academic excellence, to personal development and responsibility through service, challenge, adventure and international understanding.

    It is based on the educational philosophy of Dr Kurt Hahn who was associated with Salem in Germany and Gordonstoun in Scotland. He believed that an individual's potential could be realised by an all-round education which extended the student intellectually, spiritually and physically.
    The six pillars of Round Square are International Understanding, Democracy, Environment, Adventure, Leadership and Service.

    TAS joined the Round Square in 1998 and is now a very active member. Our students enjoy the benefits derived from attending, junior, regional and international conferences.
    They are also enriched by the inflow of exchange visitors who bring with them the views and values of other cultures. Our students return from exchange with new perspectives on society, education and the world.
    There is an annual Junior conference (available to Years 8/9) hosted by a regional school for around 4 days. Each conference addresses a theme, completes a service component and allows time for group discussion on various issues. There is also time for socialising, reflection and personal growth and provides an avenue to secure real friendships between students and schools.