Part IV: International Studies in Peace and Conflict: Conflict in Indochina 1954-1979

    Term 2: Conflict in Indochina 1954-1979

    What is the unit called?

    Conflict in Indochina, 1954-1979 will be the topic of study in Term 2 and 3, 2014.

    How long is the Unit?

    The unit will be approximately 8 weeks long.

    What are we looking at in this Unit?

    Students investigate key features and issues in the history of the conflict in Indochina 1954–1979. More details can be found at the class blog.

    Key features and issues:

    · nature and role of nationalism

    · nature and role of communism

    · nature and consequences of US involvement

    · strategies and tactics

    · impact of the war on civilians in Indochina

    · attempts at peacemaking

    · reasons for communist victory

    Students learn about:

    1 Indochina after the French

    – consequences of the Vietnamese victory against the French

    – consequences of the Geneva Peace Agreement for the Vietnamese people to 1964

    – political, social, economic and military developments within North and South Vietnam

    2 The USA and Indochina

    – political and social issues in Indochina by 1960

    – nature and development of US policy towards Indochina generally and Vietnam in particular

    – impact of direct US military involvement in Vietnam and the consequences for Vietnam and Cambodia

    3 The Second Indochina War

    – nature and effectiveness of the strategy and tactics employed by the North Vietnamese Army and the National Liberation Front (NLF), and by the South Vietnamese and the USA

    – impact of the 1968 Tet Offensive

    – impact of the war on civilians in Indochina

    – impact of the spread of the Vietnam War to Cambodia

    – nature and significance of anti-war movements in the USA

    – the defeat of the South Vietnamese forces

    4 Pol Pot’s Regime

    – rise to power of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia

    - nature, aims and methods of Pol Pot

    What are we trying to achieve?

    We are trying to enable students to develop a deep understanding of a range of 20th-century historical issues and how they have contributed to the modern world that we live in. We also aim to assist students develop critical thinking skills, analytical writing skills and communication skills that will help them to be successful lifelong learners.

    How will we measure success in the Unit?

    Students success will be determined by their performance in formal assessment tasks. However, students must ensure that they also complete all homework tasks and informal assessment as this will help them to build the knowledge and skills required to perform at a high level in formal assessments and in the final HSC examination.

    A copy of all Year 12 Assessment Grids can be downloaded here.

    Where does prep ‘fit in’?

    Prep is an essential part of student success in the Higher School Certificate (HSC). The reading and research requirements of the course mean that it is vital that students read widely on each topic and create their own summaries and comprehensive study notes. It is not enough to depend on the textbook as students need to take responsibility for developing their own understanding of the complex issues and historiography associated with each topic. They will, of course, be provided direction and assistance but ultimately their work ethic and individual study will be important factors in their success in HSC Modern History.

    How can you assist your child?

    You can assist your child by discussing the historical issues associated with each topic and asking them to explain their understanding of key issues, personalities, events and concepts. Providing students with additional reading materials is also a way to help them achieve in senior Modern History.

    How can you give us feedback?

    You can contact me by email: cbarnsle@as.edu.au


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