Year 11 Construction Pathways

    Name of Subject and Course

    Year 11 Construction Pathways Prelim Course

    How long does it go for?

    Four Terms

    What are we looking at doing?

    We are trying to develop the student’s competency in the Units listed below:

    But what is Competency?

    Competency is a combination of knowledge and skills. A Competent student is one who can demonstrate what is being assessed to the required standard, and is able to repeat it time after time without assistance.

    Unit Names

    The objective is to develop:

    In HSC exam?

    Work effectively & sustainably in the construction industry

    An understanding of the range of conditions & responsibilities within the construction industry.

    The ability to sustain effective work within the construction industry.


    Plan & organise work

    A sound understanding of how to plan & organise individual & group work activities on a construction site.

    The ability to plan & organise work activities.


    Conduct workplace communication

    The ability to communicate effectively with other workers on a construction worksite.


    Carry out measurements & calculations

    The ability to effectively carry out measurements and perform the calculations required on a worksite.


    Read & interpret plans & specifications

    A sound knowledge and understanding of the different types of construction drawings.

    A sound knowledge and understanding of the symbols and methods used in a construction drawing.

    An ability to interpret construction drawings & specifications.

    An ability to produce effective construction sketches.


    Apply OHS requirements, policies & procedures in the construction industry

    A sound knowledge and understanding of the OHS requirements of the construction industry.

    The ability to apply safe work practices at any on or off site construction workplace.


    Handle carpentry materials

    An understanding of the safety requirements for the safe handling of carpentry materials.

    The ability to safely handle & store carpentry materials.


    Use carpentry tools & equipment

    A sound knowledge of the range of carpentry tools.

    The ability to accurately use a range of carpentry tools.



    1. The above units also include your son working on a range of construction tasks at the TTC and at other approved worksites.
    2. Your son will also be required to complete a range of personal projects:
    • A variety of individual joints - Done
    • A tool box - Done
    • Working with Maths to design and produce a chook house for a client - Begun and continuing into Term 4.
    • A saw horse - Term 4.

    How is this going to be taught?

    Most of the Unit content is going to be taught through direct instruction, demonstration and the practical development of the knowledge and skills through undertaking a range of small tasks and construction projects.

    All of these units are also supported by the relevant reading material and work sheets within the set text.

    If a student is assessed as Not Yet Competent, they are provided with feedback and the opportunity to be reassessed at another time.

    What resources does my son need?

    1. Blue cotton drill overalls.

    2. Safety boots (with steel or equivalent toe cap)

    3. TAS cap or hat

    4. Basic Building & Construction Skills – Carpentry & Other General Construction Trades (text)

    5. A Pre Apprenticeship carpentry kit.

    6. An exercise book for construction notes.

    What are we trying to achieve?

    We are trying to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary for your son to be deemed Competent in each of the construction units offered above. At the end of the course he will be issued with a Statement Of Attainment recording those units in which he has been assessed as Competent. This Statement of Attainment is recognised throughout Australia and will give him credit in a range of further engineering studies.

    If your son is assessed as Competent in a sufficient number of units, they will also be issued with a Certificate II in Construction Pathways.

    We will also be trying to develop your son’s ability to demonstrate his construction knowledge, understanding and skills in a typical examination format.

    How will we measure success in this Course?

    Success will be measured in two ways:

    1. By achieving Competency in the required units within the 4 Terms.
    2. By achieving passing grades in the exams.

    Where does homework fit into this?

    A large majority of the class time is set aside for the development and practice of skills. To achieve well, your son will have to set aside some of his own time for completing the theory reading and questions that are essential for each unit.

    How can you assist your son?

    You can assist your son by:

    Asking him what he is currently working on, and expecting or encouraging him to use technical construction terminology in his reply.

    Developing within him an understanding that to become competent or skilled in any specific area, requires persistence and many, many hours of practice.

    Congratulating him when he is assessed as Competent in a unit.

    How can you give the school feedback?

    Email is the best method of communication and you can email me at mhill@as.edu.au.


    This isn’t the whole program, but rather a more ‘user-friendly’ version of what we are trying to do. For more information, please email me.