Table Tennis

    Table Tennis Singles Tournament, Term 4

    The TAS Table Tennis singles knock-out tournament has been running all term, with matches in the Green Room (upstairs in the TAS Sports Centre) involving 85 contestants in five age-groups of competition. All five levels of the tournament have now reached their conclusion.

    Here are details of the tournament for each age-group, showing the final results of each knock-out competition:

    Year 3 & 4 Tournament
    Download file "TASTableTennisYr3&4TournamentFinalResult Draw.pdf"
    The Year 3/4 competition has concluded after some excellent play from our youngest participants. Daniel Ramazani of Year 4 won a quality final against Jack van Roy of Year 3. Well done to all combatants. Several of the junior players could have held their own against opponents in the older age-groups of competition. Daniel in particular would have given many teachers pause for thought, had he been eligible to play in the staff competition!

    Year 5 & 6 Tournament
    Download file "TASTableTennisYr5&6TournamentFinalResult Draw.pdf"
    The Year 5/6 tournament has seen quality play throughout with high skill levels and some nail bitingly close match-ups. The competition was finally won by Fred Jeitani of Year 6 in a close-fought final against Duncan Chalmers of Year 5. The game scores 11:9, 12:10 in this final give an indication of the competitive nature of the tournament. In the semis, Duncan had narrowly beaten Oscar McBean 11:9, 10:12, 13:11. Excellent play all round!

    Year 7 & 8 Tournament
    Download file "TASTableTennisYr7&8TournamentFinalResult Draw.pdf"
    In Year 7/8, Matt Cox of Year 8 has just won the final. His opponent was Liam Treavors of Year 7. Another semi-finalist, James Hartog-Smith, had to withdraw having broken his arm (but not playing table tennis). As in other age-groups of the tournament, it was striking that the younger players in the Year 7/8 competition were able to compete on a level footing with those a year older.

    Open Tournament
    Download file "TASTableTennisOpenTournamentFinalResult Draw.pdf"
    Congratulations to Eric Chung of Year 9 who has won the Open tournament, beating Michael O'Sullivan of Year 10 in an excellent final. Michael beat Will Waterson in his semi and Eric defeated Matt Cox. All four of these players had qualified convincingly so far, but Michael and Eric were just too strong in their respective semi-finals. The finalists are both capable tennis players (more, perhaps, than table tennis specialists) and the final featured some good tennis-style rallies, both players standing back and trading top-spun drives blow-for-blow.

    Staff Tournament
    Download file "TASTableTennisStaffTournamentFinalResult.pdf"
    Play in the Staff competition has been fiercely competitive. Amongst the 23 entrants were teachers and also a strong contingent of gap students and duty staff. The tournament has just been won by Will Fang after an excellent hard-fought final against Woody Woodhouse, both players displaying a high level of technique, nerve and viciously spun forehand loop shots.

    Rules of the competition and of the game of table tennis are in these two attachments:
    Download file "CompetitionRules TableTennisSinglesCompetition.pdf"
    Download file "Rules of Table Tennis.pdf"

    Mr Jamie Suddaby


    Inter-House Senior Table Tennis Competition, Term 1

    Below is a report from the Inter-House TAS Table Tennis Final, held in Term 1 0f 2012

    The table tennis final today between Tyrrell and Croft lived up to its promise, delivering yet another down-to-the-wire cliff-hanger.

    Remember that Tyrrell had downed Croft 5 - 1 exactly two weeks ago in the opening pool stage of the inter-house competition, although the match report at the time claimed that that encounter was a lot closer than the scoreline might suggest.

    Croft then drew 3 - 3 with a strong Abbott team in their semi-final before winning the sudden-death singles playoff to claim their place in the final. Later that same day, Tyrrell then got past Broughton 4 - 2 in the highest-quality match of the tournament to that point.

    In the opening games of today's final, as the crowd began to filter into the Memorial Hall, Year 12 Mark Moxey took on Will Archer of Year 9, whilst the other Year 12 captain Toby Pitt faced Eric Chung, also in Year 9. Each of these games ended with a close second set giving victory to the two Year 9 boys. 1 - 1.

    The next match-ups were Tom Wauch v Mitch Miller-Williams and Ian Ranger v Ollie Crawford. Tom came from behind, surviving game points in the second set before running out winner 6:11, 14:12, 11:5. Pumped-up Ian and Ollie traded hits in a ding-dong battle that Ian won 11:9 in the third. 3 - 1 to Croft.

    The crowd by now numbered 60 or 70 and they were treated to two excellent doubles games. Toby and Ollie played with more aggression to snatch the first set against Mark and Tom 13:11, then won more easily in the second. Tyrrell closing in 3 - 2.

    And so it all came down to the final game: Croft's Eric and Ian against Tyrrell's Will and Mitch. As Toby on the microphone announced: Croft win and it's all over; if Tyrrell can come back, it will need a sudden-death singles game on a later date to decide the victor. First set 7:11 Tyrrell's way, successful doubles pairing Will and Mitch combining well and looking strong. The second set went to 10:10, then 11:11, … all the way to 16:16, all four players standing back and hitting great shots whilst the crowd roared. Somehow Eric and Ian held their nerve to clinch the set 18:16, then kept the momentum to win the decider 11:7 as the clock ticked down. Final result 4:2 Croft's way, three minutes to go. Mr Guest quickly presented the trophy to the
    winning team and everyone was back in class.