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    Read this Britannica article on The Outsider.

    Camus wrote of Meursault:
    "You would not be far wrong then in reading The Outsider as a story of a man who, without any heroics, accepts death for the sake of truth. I have sometimes said, and always paradoxically, that I have tried to portray in this character the only Christ we deserve." (Albert Camus, preface)

    What do you think Camus meant by this statement? (Read this one-page article if you need more help)
    In what ways do this statement and the text itself reflect Camus' context?


    Toby Berger
    Mar 4, 2011

    Camus meant by this statement was that our society worries about death and are always based on emotions. What Camus is saying is that Meursault is the only god we should deserve because he is both someone who does not worry about life and death and is completely emotionless to all of the situations he is put with. Meursault 'accepts death for the sake of truth'. No one can really comprehend this as a person, therefore Camus is quite an idol for some men and possibly women a like. Therefore, Camus statement of saying Meursault is the only god we deserve is quite correct as we have thought of him as someone who is so absurd that is in beyond comprehendible. Also because of our foolish mistakes throughout time we don't deserve much else.

    Mar 7, 2011

    Camus intentions in this statement were very straight forward. He was saying that Meursault doesnt worry about how he is going to die, doesnt worry about his life or his emotions but dies for what he believes in. Meursault "accepts death for the sake of truth". This is truly admirable, and i doubt anyone person on earth would accept death to uphold the truth in any given situation. Therefore Camus statement saying Meursault is the only god we deserve is true in a way is quite true.

    Alex Finney
    Mar 7, 2011

    Camus' has very straight forward intention in this statement. He was expressing the fact that our society is dependent on emotions and that is what we base our lives on. He uses Meursalt as some what of a god as he is someone who does not worry about life and death he just takes every day as it comes, this makes it hard for us to understand him as a person. Camus' statement is stating that the only god we deserve is one with absurd views on life.

    Tom Holcombe
    Mar 8, 2011

    By Camus saying that Meursault is there only christ that we deserve is very correct from my point of view. The fact that our society see's christ to be a truth telling hero is reflected in the character of Meursault. Meursault can be looked up to for the reason that he is always telling the truth and accepts death for this simple fact of the truth. This is the reason why Camus said this about Meaursalt because he also looks up to this 'Christ' character. Due to the era that was surrounding Camus at the time, this can be looked upon in an absurd manner, this absurdity was very prevalent at the time of the writing of both the novel and the statement.

    George Broun
    Mar 8, 2011

    Camus ment in this direct statement that telling the truth was the downfall of Mearsault. He explains clear and in a way hints that humans don't deserve a good and loving god. But instead deserve a unemotional lifeless human being that lacks social skills like Mearsault. "Meausault accepts death for the sake of truth" any normal human being wouldn't really do this. Absurdity is prevalent in this statement. This statement and text itself reflects Camus context as Camus doesn't believe in god.

    Sam Moore
    Mar 8, 2011

    By this statement, camus outlines that society is based on emotions and that we base our lives around it. Camus was saying that telling the truth was the worst part of Meursault. When Meursault would do it he would find himself in trouble all the time. This statement and the text itself reflects Camus' concepts as he beleives that everyone dies in the end so there is no real meaning to life at all and this is shown in the text along with Camus's context.

    Kyle Chen
    Mar 9, 2011

    Camus is trying to convey through his message that Meursault’s concept and perspective of life is what we humans deserve. Humans are never honest and become emotional, which are all meaningless. Meursault who does not express emotions and always tells the truth even for the cost of life is unheard of. Camus is comparing Meursault with Christ, because they are similar, they both accept death for the sake of truth, but the difference is that Meursualt is human and is imperfect.
    This statement and the text itself reflects Camus’ context because it reveals Camus intention for the novel ‘The Outsider’. We readers are able to tell the book is about Meursault’s life and significance in the novel by Camus’s statement.

    Rogan's Blog
    Mar 10, 2011

    Camus means that in our society there is no one who would die for the sake of the truth. And Camus claiming that Meursault is Christ is a legitimate claim. As Meursault doesn’t die for personal gain but for telling the truth about everything from his mother funeral which Camus claims why Meursault is executed to the killing of the Arab. This statement by Camus reveals a lot about his context as it shows how Meursault is the only Christ we deserve because of our actions we don’t really deserve another Christ other that Meursault.

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