08 Geography N

    Unit 1 - Global Change

    Big World of Facebook


    1) Select a Multinational corporation (Coca Cola, Microsoft, Samsung, Apple, McDonalds, Toyota etc.)

    2) Briefly describe what they do

    3) Make a list of the countries they operate in - where they make, market and sell their products

    4) Find out how much money they made in 2010 worldwide

    5) Find out who their employees are and how many there are.

    6) Include the above information, and any other important facts you can think of, in a presentation that has a maximum of 2 slides (if you decide to use a powerpoint).

    How long will the unit be taught for?
    5 weeks

    What are we looking at/doing/investigating?
    This unit focuses on understanding the processes of globalisation and its impact at an individual, local, national and global scale. It investigates the changing nature of global relationships and seeks to consider issues of resource management, wealth distribution and discrepancies in opportunities and qualities of life; ultimately, it raises discussion and debate about sustainability, aid and the obligations of wealthy nations towards less fortunate peoples.

    What are we trying to achieve?
    This unit aims to help students see that the study of Geography is so much more than just maps; geography is concerned with the bridging of natural sciences (physical geography) and social sciences (human geography). Everyday, boys come into contact with aspects of globalisation such as transnational corporations. This unit identifies the positives and negatives of the global village, our global responsibilities and obligations to those less fortunate, and the roles the boys themselves occupy as members of the global community. Geography skills are also practiced in context during this unit.

    How will we measure achievement?
    The major assessment task for this unit will be a comparative research project that investigates the impact of the Haiti earthquake and asks students to discuss how they think Sydney would cope with a similar event. Ongoing assessment of participation and effort in class tasks and discussions will be carried out throughout the unit.

    How does homework fit in the unit?
    As the unit considers the place of the students themselves in the global village, a number of tasks will be set requiring research at home or in the boarding house outside of class time. It is expected that students will use prep time to complete assignments for the unit. Students will also be asked to complete any unfinished class work for homework.

    How can you assist your son's studies?
    Discuss the ways humans interact with their environment and the ways the world has changed over time, especially in communications and business. Ask him if he thinks all people have equal opportunity to fulfill their basic human needs and if not, why not?

    How can you give us feedback?

    Feedback will be supplied to students orally both individually and following whole class tasks. Written feedback will be supplied in response to homework tasks and assignments when appropriate. Parents can contact me on aoconnel@as.edu.au to discuss any aspects of this unit or their son's progress.